WordGirl vs. The Energy Monster (DVD)

Word up. It’s WordGirl.

Word up. It’s WordGirl.
Flying at the speed of sound,
Vocabulary that astounds,
From the Planet Lexicon,
Watch out Villains…here she comes!

When faced with a catastrophe
We need a living dictionary.
Her superior intellect
Keeps the crime world in check. Go girl!

Huggy Face is by her side,
Vocabulary a mile wide.
She’ll make sure that crime won’t pay
And throw some mighty words your way.
Word up. It’s WordGirl.
Word up! From the planet Lexicon, watch out villains, here she comes!

As with previous PBS Kids releases WordGirl vs. The Energy Monster contains the titular characters in a two-part episode followed by two other Season Five adventures.

* “Dinner or Consequences” — Becky Botsford aka WordGirl (Dannah Feinglass Phirman) has a dilemma. Her dad (Ryan Raddatz) has been slaving away all day to make dinner for the family. A dinner which is only edible at a certain time otherwise it’s a disaster, so of course something has to pull Becky in two directions. And that something is Dr. Two Brains’ (Tom Kenny) latest evil plan. Becky learns that breaking your word has consequences.

* “Best Fan Club Meeting Ever” — Becky’s brother TJ (Tom Kenny) has a secret WordGirl fan club meeting during which he plans to reveal a secret about WordGirl. This catches the attention of evil villain Tobey (Patton Oswalt) who wants to use the secret for his own nefarious purposes.

* “Day at the Museum” — Violet (Maria Bamford) joins Scoops (Ryan Raddatz) and Becky on a haunted treasure hunt. Tying all the episodes together is The Narrator (Chris Parnell) who provides some lightly snarky commentary on the action.

WordGirl is a really cute show and the somewhat tongue-in-cheek vibe helps it to stand out among a plethora of kids’ educational programming. I do wish it wasn’t following the trend of installment-based DVD releases rather than full season sets. The episodes are witty and briskly-paced, leading me to believe more would not cause burn out.

The standard def 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer is relegated to bright primary colors, resisting the complex animation of other shows and preferring to stick with a basic approach. The audio is simple Dolby 2.0 Stereo but it works here. Bonus features include additional shorts which play like deleted scenes, and some DVD-ROM accessible games and coloring pages. Watching Huggy doing his dance was probably the most entertaining of them all.

If you have young ones, I can definitely recommend WordGirl vs. The Energy Monster. A female lead with a passion for learning new words and their meanings makes this a show the whole family can enjoy and find value in.


Not Guilty. Guilty means having committed a crime!

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