The Trust (Blu-ray)

A heist movie.

Here’s Nicolas Cage (Gone in 60 Seconds) Elijah Wood (The Lord of the Rings) and they’re in this movie. Together!

What’s the movie about? Great question!

So there are these two cops (Cage and Wood) and they tend towards the “loser” side of the law enforcement spectrum. They lead dull, drab loser lives. But then they catch wind of a potential big score–turns out there’s a bank vault that can use some cracking and they’re the ones for the job. Or at least they think they are.

What ensues is a topsy-turvy sequence of bizarre circumstances that puts our anti-heroes in several binds, leading them to poor decision-making and, ultimately a rash of violence.

There’s The Trust: a pitch-dark comedy that gets pretty, pretty dark towards the stretch run, culminating in a rash of blood-letting and a weird feeling in your stomach.

That said, the movie’s really not that terrible. Directors Alex and Benjamin Brewer stage a decent little flick, working from a smart-ass script co-written by Benjamin Brewer. While not high art by any means, The Trust manages to keep things moving along at a nice clip with enough twists (dark and otherwise) to maintain my attention.

Cage and Wood embrace the idiosyncrasies of their characters, which, when all is said and done, is the engine of the film. The Trust works well enough because of these two and, thankfully, neither appear to be in it simply for the paycheck.

Good enough Blu-ray: 1.85:1, 1080p and DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 for the specs and two brief production featurettes and director’s commentary for the bonus features.

A passable dark comedy.


Tech Specs

The Trust (Blu-ray)
2016, Lionsgate, 92 minutes, R (2016)
VIDEO: 1.85:1  AUDIO:  DTS-HD Mster Audio 5.1 (English) SUBTITLES: English SDH, Spanish
EXTRAS: Featurettes, Comentary  ACCOMPLICES: IMDB



  • Decent work from Cage/Wood
  • Sharp writing
  • Dark ending


  • Honestly, it's just so-so when you come down to it
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