Todd & the Book of Pure Evil: The Complete Second Season (DVD)

“Being horny makes me horny!”

Crowley High is not a nice place to go to school. Every so often, the Book of Pure Evil emerges from nowhere, granting angsty teens their wishes, only to have said wishes come with disastrous consequences. Stoner metalhead Todd (Alex House, Jane and the Dragon) has learned that his destiny is tied to the book, and he may or may not be the Pure Evil One, prophesied to destroy the world. Todd and his friends must now fight to stop the book’s evil ways and, hopefully, save the world.

This two-disc set contains the entire Todd & The Book of Pure Evil: The Complete Second Season:

Disc One
• “Redierment Home”
• “The Student Body”
• “Daddy Tissues”
• “Simply The Beast”
• “Jungle Fever”
• “Fisting Fantasy”
• “See You Later, Masturbator”
• “Loser Generated Content”

Disc Two
• “Deathday Cake”
• “2 Girls, 1 Tongue”
• “B.Y.O.B.O.P.E.”
• “The Toddyssey”
• “Black Tie Showdown”

The idea here is that this is something of a subversive, counterculture take on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer formula. The show delights in its R-rated nature, with adult humor and F-bombs galore. Yes, some teen outcasts band together to fight evil, but in this case, the hero is more concerned about weed and sex than about whatever supernatural hijinks are a afoot. If it weren’t for his crush on the stalwart Jenny (Maggie Castle, StarStruck) Todd probably wouldn’t bother. Todd does get a few hero moments, but they’re funny ones, because heroic Todd is also out-of-character Todd.

After dealing with the ups and downs of resolving last season’s cliffhanger, our heroes get back to the weekly business of hunting for the book. There are a couple of big changes this season, though. Best friend Curtis (Bill Turnbull) and science nerdgirl Hannah (Melanie Leishman, Never Cry Werewolf) are now a couple, awkwardly navigating therelationship waters. This offers the two of them a lot of nice character moments. Also, the gang is now aware that goofball guidance counselor Atticus (Chris Leavins, Slings and Arrows) is aligned with a league of Satanists also after the book. Making Atticus overtly evil instead of secretly evil allows Leavins to go big and broad with the comedy. I’m not normally a fan of buffoon villains, but Leavins makes it work, mostly thanks to his high-energy performance. Of course, Jason Mewes of Clerks and related films is back as the wisdom-spouting janitor, and he gets a few good lines in each episode.

It would be easy to dismiss Todd & the Book of Pure Evil as naught but pot jokes and dick jokes, but the best thing about the show is that it has respect for the characters. For as ridiculous as the comedy is—and it gets very ridiculous—the writers never forget character development, and everybody’s personal crises feel genuine. Add to that the acting. The performances are lively and energetic, and you’ll want to watch several episodes in a row just to spend more time with this cast.

Audio and video are solid, impressive for what is clearly a low-budget series. For bonus features, three episodes get commentaries, and there are two short behind-the-scenes featurettes. The package is rounded out with some deleted and extended scenes, a blooper reel, and a silly “In Memoriam” feature in tribute to characters who died.

Todd & the Book of Pure Evil is lighthearted, blood-soaked fun. Give it a shot.

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