Testees: The Complete Series (DVD)

Comedy with side effects.

Now for a review of Testees: The Complete Series, an FX sitcom starring Steve Markle and Jeff Kassel and created by Kenny Hotz of Kenny Vs. Spenny fame, told entirely in haiku:

Two losers need cash
Volunteer for science tests
With gross-out results

Every gag is
About bodily functions
I did not laugh once

How many dick jokes
Can one TV series have?
Pathetic humor

A show about jerks
Unlikable characters
Need I say much more?

Actors are fearless
They’re not afraid of any

Too bad that the scripts
Have nothing to offer them
They’re better than this

No complaints about
Audio and video
Widescreen, 2.0

Bonus features are
Twenty-two webisodes that
Started this whole mess

If Family Guy
Is too sophisticated
For you, watch Testees

(Judge Dave Ryan did
This stunt in a Buffy
Review; I’m a fraud)

The Verdict

One of the worst shows
I have ever, ever seen
Boy, is it guilty

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