Come What May (Blu-ray)

The long and winding roads.

Anthropoid (Blu-ray)

Resistance has a code name.

Eye of the Needle (Blu-ray)

“The war’s come down to the two of us.”

The Train (Blu-ray)

 No sleep til Berlin.

Von Ryan’s Express (DVD)

Not quite The Great Escape…but few are.

Underground (DVD)

“It makes a man a little dizzy.” “What is it, sir?” “Having the central committee of the underground in the palm of my hand.”

Twelve O’Clock High (DVD)

“…poor little lambs who have gone astray…”

To Be or Not to Be (DVD)

“A picture with no attempt to relieve anybody from anything at any time.” — Ernst Lubitsch

The Red Badge of Courage (DVD)

“Well, we’re goin’ after ’em now, Henry, and by the eternal thunders, we’re goin’ to lick ’em good.”

The Desert Rats (DVD)

“Come out of your holes, you desert rats. Let’s go!”

The Desert Fox (DVD)

“There exists a real danger that our friend Rommel is becoming a kind of magician or bogeyman to our troops.”

The Blue Max (DVD)

“Up-to-date machines go to experienced pilots. Both are in short supply.”

Sink the Bismarck (DVD)

“A most interesting chess game.”

King Rat (DVD)

“Why do you think it is, corporal, that you have so much and the rest of us so little?”

Hearts and Minds: Criterion Collection (DVD)

“The ultimate victory will depend on the hearts and minds of the people who actually live out there.” (Lyndon Johnson)

Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison (DVD)

“There is no one on the island but me.”

From Here to Eternity (DVD)

“This outfit they can give back to General Custer.”

Changi (DVD)

“I love being with them, but I hate where they take me. Same for all of us.”

Enigma (DVD)

“The success of this plan depends on arranging a massacre.”

Damn the Defiant! (DVD)

“We shall be there too, sir, with a fresh crew ready and anxious to serve.”

D-Day The Sixth of June (DVD)

“Perhaps you’d share an occasional meal with a man who seems due to be pretty lonely.” “You’re very kind” “Which is British for ‘no’?” “Which is British for ‘I’d love to’.”

Commandos Strike at Dawn (DVD)

“Now we begin to cut ourselves out of this jungle.”

Coming Home (DVD)

“I can’t see anybody saying that after going and coming back…that they would go again. I just can’t deal with that.”

Between Heaven and Hell (DVD)

“I’ve heard about you, Gifford. First you go get yourself a silver star, then you get busted to private. Oh, it’s a rough war, ain’t it?”

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