American Roots Music (DVD)

“Nearly every immigrant to America brought folk music with him. It wasn’t written down; it was learned by memory and passed on.”

A Glimpse of Hell (DVD)

“The Iowa is a legend, sir.”

Kojak: Season Two (DVD)

“What can I tell ya? Nobody says the law is perfect, but it beats whatever the hell’s in second place.” — Lt. Theo Kojak

Humans: Season 1 (DVD)

“Could you use some extra help around the house?”

CSI: NY: The Eighth Season

“Drop it! I said “Drop it!”” — Every CSI agent

Vera Set 6 (DVD)

“Oh, good enough to man the dodgems but not good enough for her princess?”

Ballers: The Complete First Season (DVD)

“Mother — — — .” “Yes. That is you.”

The Jim Gaffigan Show: Season 1 (DVD)

He’s more of an indoorsy kinda guy.

Haven: The Final Season (Blu-ray)

We say goodbye to the “Troubled” town of Haven.

Super Sentai: The Complete Series (DVD)

Before the Power Rangers…there was death and madness.

Mayday (DVD)

This town needs an enema.

Empire (DVD)

The perfect antidote to British self-esteem.

Grease Live! (DVD)

Systematic, hydromatic, ultramatic.

Shaun the Sheep: Season 2 (DVD)

“He even mucks about with those who cannot bleat.”

For Better or For Worse (DVD)

“You figure out a way to get rid of Captain Gorgeous and I’m going home.”

Nathan for You Seasons 1 and 2 (DVD)

This show got really good grades.

CSI: The Finale (DVD)

Case Closed.

Adventure Time: Stakes! (DVD)

“Fool, this is life! Get a hot dog if you can’t take the bun.”

So You Said Yes (DVD)

“You can’t keep hiding behind work forever.”

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