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Edge of Eternity (Blu-ray) standard

Gold + Guano + Grand Canyon. From Twilight Time, a remastered version of the 1959 thriller that, because it’s Twilight Time, you won’t be able to buy. But, hey, that’s your problem. Anyway: it’s Arizona, specifically the Grand Canyon, and some dead bodies are starting to turn up. Enterprising–and smoldering!–Deputy Les Martin (Cornel Wilde) sticks his nose into the mystery and begins to uncover a hive of corruption and betrayal. At center of it? You guess it: gold. Apparently, there’s some gold to be had an old mine and someone has got the glitter-eye so bad, he’s been offing locals. As Martin investigates he meets the lovely Janice Kendon (Victoria Shaw), a kindred spirit and teammate in mayhem. Eventually, the investigation ...

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The Hills Have Eyes (1977) (Blu-ray) Limited Edition standard

When Wes Craven passed away in 2015, there was a huge rush to re-affirm his place in the cinematic pantheon of horror directors. His last film was a sequel to his long-running series Scream, and he hadn’t sat in the director’s chair for four years when he passed. The combination of his late-career quiet and his penchant for sequels meant the world was taking him for granted. It’s pretty easy to do in Craven’s case, because few American horror directors have been as prolific as Craven, whose highs were the highest, but whose lows were also the lowest. But he gave us two iconic franchises that pushed back the boundaries of what sequels could do — both in terms of ...

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