Science and Nature

The Silent Enemy (DVD)

“Everything you see is as it always has been.”

Naxos Musical Journey: Tchaikovsky (DVD)

The glories of Tchaikovsky and St. Petersburg.

Inherit the Wind (DVD)

Two monkeys overheard at the zoo: One, glancing back and forth between The Bible and Darwin’s “Origin of Species” which he’s holding in his hands, says to the other with a puzzled look, “I can’t decide if I’m my brother’s keeper or my keeper’s brother.”

India: Kingdom of the Tiger (DVD)

“Soar over blue-hazed Himalayan peaks and sweep down towards the thundering Indian Ocean as we celebrate the power and beauty of India’s greatest ambassador — the mighty Bengal tiger.”

This Changes Everything (Blu-ray)

“People are starting to realize that this is no longer an Indian problem. And that’s the good thing. Because they’re starting to realize that if you drink water and you breathe air this is about you.”

MythBusters: Collection 13 (DVD)

Judge Dawn Hunt is joining Star Wars as a SithBuster.

Invisible Universe Revealed (DVD)

Judge Dawn Hunt wonders how Invisible Universe Revealed ties into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Bigger than T. rex (DVD)

If you need another reason to hate Nazis, here it is.

Fabulous Frogs (DVD)

“Frogs amazing adaptations and survival techniques have made them the most successful of all amphibians.”

Meteor Strike (DVD)

“From a plane crash into an overpass to a massive roadside cow-tastrophe.”

Journey of the Universe (DVD)

An epic story of cosmic, earth, and human transformation.

Earth From Space (DVD)

Satellites show us just how interconnected the planet truly is.

Forensics on Trial (DVD)

“Modern Forensic Science In Crisis”

Frozen World: The Story of the Ice Age (DVD)

The History Channel presents a collection of shows which will make you wonder how humans ever managed to make it this far while leaving a bleak outlook for our collective future.

Jane’s Journey (DVD)

“A sense of calm came over me. I found myself thinking ‘This is where I belong. This is what I came into this world to do.'”

Dr. Lori Mosca’s 3 Keys to Heart Health (DVD)

“Nothing in life is to be feared, only understood.” — Marie Curie

Underwater Universe: Season One (DVD)

Five deadly forces, four turbulent episodes, one powerful surge of entertainment.

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