The Land Before Time: Journey of the Brave (DVD)

“He think we stinkweed and won’t want to eats us.”

Super Sentai: The Complete Series (DVD)

Before the Power Rangers…there was death and madness.

Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef (Blu-ray)

“Even if this is stupid…crazy super dangerous…or stupid crazy with an extra side of crazy…we’ll never ever let you do it alone.”

The Prophet (Blu-ray)

All prophet, no loss. Wait, what?

Barbie Spy Squad (Blu-ray)

“Can we just back up for a sec? How long have you been British?”

Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow (DVD)

Best to leave magical forest creatures in the forest.

Reading Rainbow: Miss Nelson is Back (DVD)

“Friends to know and ways to grow.”

Craft in America: Music (DVD)

Before they can make beautiful music these instruments need to be made beautiful.

Pee-wee’s Playhouse: Christmas Special (Blu-ray)


The Nutcracker Sweet (DVD)

“Siblings are a gift from above. Treat them sweetly, with kindness and love.”

The Seventh Dwarf 3D (Blu-ray)

“Hey dwarves, hey dwarves, hey dwarves ho, hey dwarves, hey dwarves, hey dwarves go.”

Monster High: Scaris, City of Frights (Blu-ray)

”There’s no time like bro time, am I right my dudes?”

McFarland USA (Blu-ray)

Wait, where’s Al Simmons and the Violator?

Back to the Jurassic (DVD)

Judge Dawn Hunt doesn’t want to go back in time unless it involves Huey Lewis and the News.

Strange Magic (DVD)

Judge Dawn Hunt was taught never to take magic from strangers.

Maya the Bee Movie (Blu-ray)

Judge Dawn Hunt managed to avoid the stinger but still got hives.

Reading Rainbow featuring If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (DVD)

Judge Dawn Hunt knows the jig is up…she can’t fly twice as high as a butterfly. Unless it’s dead. Then yeah, she can.

Strawberry Shortcake: Double Feature (DVD)

Hoisted by my own petard!

Monster High: Haunted (Blu-ray)

Judge Dawn Hunt is vaunted on a weekly basis.

Barbie in Princess Power (Blu-ray)

You can’t hate ladybugs, they’re so cute! They’re the kittens of the insect world!

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