The Red Turtle (Blu-ray)

A touching animated ode to the cycle of life.

The Age of Shadows (Blu-ray)

Infiltrate and deceive.

Rumble Fish (Blu-ray) Criterion

The Motorcycle Boy’s Never Coming Back.

Kijû Yoshida: Love + Anarchism (Blu-ray)

“A loose trilogy united by their radical politics and an even more radical shooting style.”

Cinema Paradiso (Blu-ray)

“Anyone who loves movies is likely to love Cinema Paradiso.”

Chilly Scenes of Winter (Blu-ray)

Love does strange things to people. And Charlie is a little strange to begin with..

Bleed for This (Blu-ray)

Don’t call it a comeback.   I always like stumbling on a biopic of  a person I never herd of whose story is unbelievably awesome. Hacksaw Ridge springs to mind. Also, The Karate Kid Part III.  When it comes to boxing, a sport I have only a fleeting knowledge of thanks mostly to Mike Tyson’s Punch-out, there are a metric ton of amazing true-life sagas out there to discover (at least for me to discover). So here we have Vinny Pazienza (Miles Teller). Bleed for This tells his story. In the early ’80s Vinny Pazienza (also known as Vinny Paz) was a legit fighter, winning the junior middleweight world title in 1991. But then a brutal head-on car collision derailed his career–and almost ended his life. Unwilling to relinquish boxing, Vinny embarked on an on-its-face ludicrous comeback attempt, even thought he was spending every day in a neck stabilizer. Despite everyone’s best (sane) efforts to convince him to just retire and try to recapture a normal life that didn’t have a pervasive threat of forever paralysis, Vinny worked at achieving his goal: getting back into the ring for a shot at boxing immortality. This is a pretty good one. I’m not the biggest Miles Teller fan in the world, but the guy brings it in Bleed for This. He’s just a ball of obnoxious defiance and smugness and his Vinny Paz becomes a fascinating on-screen sight to behold. Thankfully, the film has more going for it than just a bad-ass performance. The story of this comeback is insane, especially as you see Miles Teller decked out in the “Halo” neck stabilizer, the real-life apparatus that screwed directly into Vinny’s skull. What makes Bleed for This worth chasing down, especially if you’ve got “boxing movie fatigue,” is the true-life nature of t his comeback. It’s simply incomprehensible the ambition it takes for a human being to climb back into a the ring to get his brains bashed in just a few months after suffering such a gruesome accident. You get that whole trajectory here, anchored by Teller’s great performance, and capped with an exciting final boot with WBC World Jr. Middleweight Champion Luis Santana. Soup to nuts, Bleed for This works, both as a straight-up sports movie and an examination of what the human spirit is capable of, screws and all. THE VERDICT Not Guilty.Seriously, this guy is crazy.

Don’t Think Twice (Blu-ray)

The spotlight’s not for everyone.

Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte (Blu-ray)

Don’t Tell Anyone What Happened In The Summer House!

Dead or Alive Trilogy (Blu-ray)

WARNING: This motion picture contains explicit portrayals of violence; sex; violent sex; sexual violence; clowns and violent scenes of violent excess, which are definitely not suitable for all audiences.

Story of Sin (Blu-ray)

It is not pornographic. It is a revealing work of art.

Daughters of the Dust (Blu-ray)

“I am the first and the last.”

Peyton Place (Blu-ray)

Small town America will never be the same again.

Paterson (Blu-ray)

“Sometimes an empty page presents more possibilities.”

The Survivor (Blu-ray)

Pilot Error…Or Supernatural Terror? Only One Man Can Tell!

Sole Proprietor (Blu-ray)

“She involves him in a deadly conspiracy that puts them in the cross-hairs.”

Psychomania (Blu-ray)

Seven Suicides – and they roared back as The Living Dead.

Kiss of Death (Blu-ray)

From her lips there is no escape!

Colors (Blu-ray)

70,000 gang members. One million guns. Two cops.

Loophole (Blu-ray)

What’s in your wallet?

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