Clark Douglas

Black Girl (Blu-ray) Criterion

“A harrowing human drama as well as a radical political statement.”

Snowden (Blu-ray)

The only safe place is on the run.

Something Wild (Blu-ray) Criterion

“What’s happened has happened, mother.”

Pretty Poison (Blu-ray)

What brought a nice kid like Sue Ann to a shocking moment like this?

I Want to Live! (Blu-ray)

The murder trial that shook the world!

The Boston Strangler (Blu-ray)

Why did 13 women willingly open their doors to The Boston Strangler?

Short Cuts (Blu-ray) Criterion

From two American masters comes a movie like no other.

The Quiet Man (Blu-ray)

Action… excitement… romance!

Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams (Blu-ray) Criterion

“If you look closely, all of nature has its beauty.”

Boyhood (Blu-ray) Criterion

12 years in the making.

Boxcar Bertha (Blu-ray)

Life made her an outcast. Love made her an outlaw.

Trilogia de Guillermo del Toro (Blu-ray) Criterion Collection

Three excellent films in one beautiful box set.

Cat People (Blu-ray) Criterion Collection

“I like the dark. It’s friendly.”

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (Blu-ray) Criterion

“This is my happening and it’s freaking me out!”

The Decalogue (Blu-ray) Criterion

One of the 20th century’s greatest achievements in visual storytelling.

Valley of the Dolls (Blu-ray) Criterion

“You’re alone and the feeling of loneliness is overpowering.”

Woman in the Dunes (Blu-ray) Criterion Collection

The most provocative picture ever made.

Chimes at Midnight (Blu-ray) Criterion Collection

“There are not three good men in England, and one of them is fat and grows old.”

The Immortal Story (Blu-ray) Criterion Collection

“I have heard it before… long ago… but where?”

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