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Caltiki: The Immortal Monster (Blu-ray) standard

Il Blobbo. Back in 1959 the Italians gave to us a nasty little black and white treat (with a fantastic name):¬†Caltiki: The Immortal Monster.¬† The story is simple enough: a group of archaeologists are excavating an ancient Mayan ruin and over the course of their exploration they run across a terrifying discovery. Something is lurking in the lake and it’s hungry. That something is–you guessed it–Caltiki the Immortal Monster. What is Caltiki? Hard to figure that out considering the budget limitations but as far as I can tell, it’s a giant velour blob with insides that look like the oral cavity of a Muppet. Regardless, once Caltiki gets cranking there’s no stopping him. He takes a bite out of one ...

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