Action and Adventure

The Devil’s Keep (DVD)

“Blood starts pumping with the constant excitement of near misses, accidental deaths, and teenage lust.” (or so the DVD back cover would have us believe)

The Devil at 4 O’Clock (DVD)

“It’s hard for a man to be brave when he knows he is going to meet the devil at 4 o’clock.”

The Desert Rats (DVD)

“Come out of your holes, you desert rats. Let’s go!”

The Desert Fox (DVD)

“There exists a real danger that our friend Rommel is becoming a kind of magician or bogeyman to our troops.”

The Alec Guinness Collection (DVD)

“I suppose you’re wondering about the money in Mr. Lawson’s cello case.” “It’s only natural that you should.” “I don’t think we told you that, uh, Mr. Lawson sold his Butcher shop in Hammersmith…” “He got the cash for it because there wasn’t time to, um, to write a cheque.”

The Accidental Spy (DVD)

“With your assistance, maybe we can make sure no one else gets hurt.”

Druids (DVD)

“He’s going where nothing more can be written.”

Commandos Strike at Dawn (DVD)

“Now we begin to cut ourselves out of this jungle.”

Breakout (1975) (DVD)

“There’s their side and our side, and the winning side and the losing side, but the fine distinction between right and wrong has yet to be drawn.”

Blood on the Sun (DVD)

“I’ll write a retraction when they prove the story is false.”

Air Rage (DVD)

Lock down at 30,000 feet.

The Land Before Time: Journey of the Brave (DVD)

“He think we stinkweed and won’t want to eats us.”

Dangerous Men (Blu-ray)

My love…splendors of the moment.

Ride Along 2 (Blu-ray)

“You couldn’t tell me he had an alligator?” “Look I dropped the ball on that, I won’t lie to you.” “A alligator?” “Did Marcus bite you?”

Super Sentai: The Complete Series (DVD)

Before the Power Rangers…there was death and madness.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (Blu-ray)

Doesn’t “Scorch Trials” sound painful?

In the Heart of the Sea (Blu-ray)

You know what would make a great movie? Moby Dick.

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