Stand-Up Revolution: Season 3 (DVD)

“I can see mine again!”

It is a bit of a surprise Gabriel Iglesias (Magic Mike) returns to do a third season of his stand-up show Gabriel Iglesias Presents: Stand-Up Revolution. The man’s been busy putting himself out there. He’s currently starring in a network show (Cristela) and after a successful turn in Magic Mike is looking to increase his filmic presence. And that’s not even taking into account his dramatic weight loss of over 100 pounds. Iglesias devotees will be pleased to learn of the third season of Stand-Up Revolution hitting the shelves and satisfying their Fluffy cravings.

Stand-Up Revolution: Season 3 improves upon the formula established by the first two seasons of the show. The new framework for the six episodes is as follows: first we have some banter between Iglesias, Moreno, and the band. Then we have the first of two comics. The variation comes with placement of the third part of this recipe and that is the animated shorts called “Hey! It’s Fluffy!” These shorts feature young Iglesias and Moreno and their friends as they deal with anything from the undead to the perils of underage drinking. Not a lot of new ground tread here in terms of the topics tackled during the sets. They mostly stay within two realms: the difference between the sexes, and racism. My favorite sets are the ones which step outside the norm, with Steve Simeone’s bit about his experience with Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory acting as the highlight of the season.

The energy can wane a bit during the breaks between the comics, with house band Ozomatli and sidekick Martin Moreno (Stuck) sometimes failing to pick up on whatever subject Iglesias is choosing to riff on. They eventually respond, which can end up providing a bigger laugh due to the mere fact of a delay in response, but there are a few moments where you wonder who’s steering the ship.

The comics this time around are: Gina Brillon, Alfred Robles, Ian Bagg, Mike Merrill, G Reilly, Shaun Latham, Jerry Rocha, Mark Viera, Barry Brewer, Kabir Singh, Lance Patrick, and the aforementioned Steve Simeone.

Not much to highlight within the technical specifications here, though that’s hardly a surprise. The audio is a Dolby Digital 2.0 track and the lack of a soundtrack means the dialogue is given free rein to take up as much of the space as it needs, which is to the show’s benefit. The video is a 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer and care is taken to light the audience well, which is where the uneven black levels would have surely shown themselves. Both aspects of the technical specifications are serviceable, and this isn’t a show demanding more than it needs so you won’t have any complaints about either.

The special features include extended and additional sets from some of the comics as well as all of the animated shorts collected together in one place. Fans of Gabriel Iglesias will undoubtedly flock to Stand-Up Revolution: Season 3.


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