Robot Chicken Christmas Specials (DVD)

Find out what Batman and Robin really think when you change the words to “Jingle Bells.”

Since 2005, Seth Green (Family Guy) and company have produced Robot Chicken, the stop-animation show which throws everything a geek loves onto a comedic spit to see what catches fire. The show’s success can be put down to many things, but one element rises above, and that is love. If these guys didn’t love their subject matter and know how to translate that love into a visual medium then every joke would fall flat. And now they turn their attention to Christmas with a compilation of a half-dozen episodes from various seasons of Robot Chicken.

The best part about Robot Chicken Christmas Specials for me is the slightly higher level of cohesion within the subject matter. Now I am all for non sequiturs — I love them just like anyone else — however when we’re talking about an assemblage specifically geared towards a subject? Then yes, I do prefer to have things tied together. I don’t necessarily need a bow, but some ribbon at the very least pleases me. The brevity of each of these six episodes means nothing goes on long enough to annoy you. If you don’t like something, wait a few moments and something new will appear to distract you.

While the crew over at Robot Chicken tackles just about everything Christmas-related you can think of (with a heavy dose of Santa leading the way as that ribbon I crave), my favorite bits are the ones which parody classic films such as Home Alone.

Episodes include:
* “Robot Chicken’s Christmas Special”
* “Robot Chicken’s Half-Assed Christmas Special”
* “Robot Chicken’s Full-Assed Christmas Special”
* “Robot Chicken’s DP Christmas Special”
* “Robot Chicken’s ATM Christmas Special”
* “Robot Chicken’s Born Again Virgin Christmas Special”

If you love Robot Chicken this is a no-brainer. It may not be a classic holiday offering, and indeed serves as counter-programming to a large degree, but at its heart it’s a love story resonating with nerds the world over.

Robot Chicken Holiday Specials rises above the expected levels for the technical specifications. Colors run strong and true and the 1.78:1 video transfer remains blessedly free of grain, artefacting or other bugs. The Dolby 5.1 audio track is a solid choice, blending the dialogue, effects, Foley, and sound cues very well indeed. No echoing or distortions to be found here.

The special features include deleted animatics and scenes alongside some audio commentary, which is the most enjoyable during those deleted animatics and scenes, as I always appreciate hearing about why something didn’t make it past a certain level of production.

I’m a fan of Robot Chicken and this compilation is one I’m happy to have on my shelves. Casual fans of the show should be warned this disc provides a higher level of cohesion than is typically found within the show itself. Do not mistake Robot Chicken Christmas Specials for a typical example of a season of the show, or even an episode.


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