Regular Show: Party Pack (DVD)

You know who else likes this show? My mom!

Cartoon Network has become the go-to network for shows which appeal to adults as well as kids. And one of the most popular cartoons the network has is Regular Show. So why is it reduced to random packs instead of the well-deserved full season releases? I have no answer but fans are voicing their dissatisfaction, I can tell you that much.

Regular Show: Party Pack showcases a collection of episodes from the first three seasons. Starring park workers and best friends Mordecai the blue jay (J.G. Quintel, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack) and Rigby the raccoon (William Salyers, Moral Orel), the episodes average just over 10 minutes apiece.

Usually the plot is some variation of the boys slacking off instead of doing work and getting threatened with losing their jobs if they don’t complete some task boss Benson (Sam Marin, Adventure Time) needs done. With such a short runtime there generally isn’t a lot of character development devoted to anyone outside of the two protagonists, but that same short runtime means this isn’t as glaringly obvious as it could be.

Quintel and Salyers manage to inject a lot of life into their two alter egos and the adventures are definitely humorous. Though I’d caution against allowing younger viewers to watch this; some of the dialogue is suggestive and the occasional violence shown is not standard cartoon fare but more frequently the “easily replicated by human counterparts” kind. And though I dislike the practice, this random assortment of episodes could be a good starter kit to introduce newbies to Regular Show.

The episodes in this collection are:

* “Stick Hockey” — Rigby and Mordecai find Benson’s old stick hockey table and become addicted, and when Benson donates it, the duo goes on a quest to get it back.

* “My Mom” — When Mordecai and Rigby have to be supervised by Muscle Man (Sam Marin) they see another side to him.

* “Out of Commission” — Benson buys a new golf cart and leaves the boys to get rid of the old one.

* “High Score” — Rigby and Mordecai decide the only way to get respect is to be the best at something. Their choice? A video game, naturally.

* “Really Real Wrestling” — Pops (Sam Marin) surprises the boys with tickets to Wrassle Frassle VII but the night is not what anyone expected.

* “But I Have a Receipt” — Rigby and Mordecai try and return an RPG but the store owner challenges them.

* “Skips Strikes” — Skips (Mark Hamill, Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi) is the Park Strikers bowling team’s best member. But a secret from his past threatens to cost the team the championship.

* “Sugar Rush” — When Pops eats a double glazed apple fritter the ensuing sugar rush must be dealt with before Benson finds out.

* “House Rules” — Sick of Benson’s house rules, the boys move out and try to find a place without rules.

* “Gut Model” — Muscle Man is offered a position as a gut model for an international magazine.

* “Fuzzy Dice” — All Pops wants for his birthday is a pair of fuzzy dice from the local kids’ eatery. But the cost is 1,000,000 tickets.

* “Big Winner” — Sick of being pranked by Muscle Man all the time, Mordecai and Rigby give him a fake lottery ticket for his birthday.

* “Replaced” — When the boys arrive at work late (again) they are surprised to see two soon-to-be-hired replacements doing their jobs.

* “Free Cake” — Low on funds but high on appetite, Rigby and Mordecai decide the best way to get free cake is to throw a surprise party for Skips.

* “Party Pete” — Benson takes the night off and Mordecai and Rigby throw a lame party…until they hire “Party Pete” to liven things up.

* “Karaoke Video” — A wild night karaoke-ing becomes a stressful morning after when the boys realize they dissed everyone they know on a video that’s going to be used as a promo piece.

Audio and video are nothing too exciting, with a standard Dolby 2.0 track providing a flat experience which could be upgraded. Likewise the standard widescreen presentation doesn’t offer highly saturated video but the color palette is at least well defined, with the reds being the most eye-catching. Regular Show: Party Pack relies on dialogue and situations rather than sight gags and special effects so there really isn’t a call for surround sound or three-dimensional artwork.

The only special feature (and it’s stretching the term) is a collection of biographies of some of the secondary characters, termed the “Party Guest List.”

I do not believe skipping a purchase is going to convince TPTB to release Regular Show in full seasons. So until such time as those full seasons are presented Regular Show: Party Pack and its hodgepodge brethren are the best we’ve got.


Guilty of keeping fans from what they truly want: full season releases.

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