Poirot Series 13 (Blu-ray)

Farewell to the ‘stache.

After a quarter-century, David Suchet has hung up the hat and bow-tie. Suchet etched his name into BBC mystery lore playing Agatha Christie’s most famous character, the mercurial Belgian super-detective Hercule Poirot. Soft-spoken and understated, Poirot lets his crack crime-solving do the talking, as he tackles the most complicated mysteries and does battle against the most diabolical of evildoers. As plump and innocuous and pious as he may appear, Poirot turns into an absolute bulldog when he’s on the trail of a perp and the guy always gets his man.

Series 13 brings five final, feature-length mysteries, budding farewell to Suchet’s portrayal of the iconic detective. Acorn’s three-disc Blu-ray set delivers the following smorgasbord of mustache-twirling all-star sleuthing:

“Elephants Can Remember”
What is the secret behind an apparent murder-suicide in a small town involving a well-regarded colonel and his wife? Plenty of politicking, chicanery and some malevolent use of wigs.

“The Big Four”
As political unrest looms, Poirot gets sucked into an enigmatic new case involving a secret society.

“Dead Man’s Folly”
What started as an intense game of “Murder Hunt,” becomes all-to-real when the body of a girl shows up on the playing field.

“The Labours of Hercules”
Looking to capture a renowned art thief, Poirot devise a scheme at a getaway in the Swiss Alps. As the snow swirls, mysteries abound and Poirot gets more than he bargained for.

“Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case”
For the grand finale, Poirot goes up again one of the most dangerous killers he’s ever faced, forcing him into an impossible choice.

Suchet has been all over this role since 1989 and, needless to say, he’s mastered the role. Poirot is all about the grey matter, blindsiding criminals with his intellect and slow-burning from a generally amiable chap to a snarling crime-fighter and Suchet brings it home in a big way with his portrayal (punctuated by the trademark “final reveal” where Poirot gathers everyone to pinpoint the killer).

These five mysteries share in the characteristics of their namesake; the whodunits are layered and elaborate, demanding attention, but paying off with excellent acting, gorgeous set design and engaging storytelling. And the final episode? It’s a doozy.

Gorgeous presentation from Acorn, starting with a flawless 1080p, 1.78:1 transfer. The picture quality is astounding, rendering the period details and locales perfectly. A 2.0 DTS-HD Master Audio track provides the sound cleanly. One extra, but it’s a good one: a lengthy interview with Suchet.

Not Guilty. A Movember to remember.



  • Gorgeous production
  • An actor at the top of his game
  • Complex mysteries


  • Methodical pacing
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