“Why do we do that…Why do we do that…Why do I do that?”

Pink: Still on Fire is a good summation of the career of its subject, vocal and performance artist Alecia Moore. While so many of her peers struggle to stay relevant in an age of ADHD, her career has managed to gain longevity few singers can claim. However, this release feels more like a fan movie than a well-produced media product, and it doesn’t generate many sparks.

Pink (Get Him to the Greek) released her seventh album “The Truth About Love” in 2012. On the heels of that came Pink: Still on Fire, which is clearly marked with a disclaimer. Not to warn potential viewers about the explicit language it contains, but rather to clarify this two-disc DVD was not produced by anyone related to Pink or in her camp. That should be taken as the warning it is, for it’s what keeps this from garnering a recommendation.

The first disc is subtitled “P!nk: In Her Own Words,” which is about as literal a title as you can wish for. This collection of interview snippets are pieced together with straight cuts. There’s no introduction, no indication of where each interview was recorded, no release dates, or anything useful. It basically looks like someone went to YouTube and started cutting and pasting all the clips they could find into one long montage. Sure, the material is interesting, because Pink is a remarkable subject. But this screams amateur hour.

The second disc subtitled “A Life Less Ordinary” and follows the format of shows like VH-1’s Behind the Music and E’s True Hollywood Story. We get a brief introduction, followed by her early life and all the beats of her career thus far. However, unlike those slickly produced big budget shows, this demonstrates many of the same amateur tactics of the first disc. There’s also a lack of connection to the material. Since this is an unauthorized set, it fails to feature any of Pink’s thoughts and distances the subject from what’s being discussed. One of the most baffling inclusions on Disc Two is a series of clips from music videos…by other artists. Showcasing other artists may be a nice thing to do, but once again only dilutes Pink as the focus.

Presented in standard def 1.33:1 full frame with Dolby 2.0 Stereo, the various source material used offers wildly different levels of quality. As far as the audio goes, there’s everything from broadcast level clarity to dubbed-from-a-VHS-tape hiss-filled tracks. The video is the kind of hodgepodge you’d expect to see on the first day of film editing class as an example of the problems you’re going to encounter that semester. There have been no attempts to color correct any of the footage, nor to scrub the audio for consistency. Bonus features include biographies of some of the contributors, a link to an external website, and an extended interview with Linda Perry.

Only the most diehard Pink fans will even consider watching, let alone purchasing Pink: Still on Fire. That’s unfortunate, because Pink’s life and career are truly interesting…just not viewed through the lens of amateur fanboys.


Go ahead and put the flames out.

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