Through the eyes and voices of nurses, a rare look into their world.

Nurses: If Florence Could See Us Now is a bit of a hard sell to a mass audience. Filled with interviews from over 100 nurses discussing their profession, the film plays to a rather narrow audience — those considering nursing as a career and those who are already nurses. It’s missing the counterpoint of people who have been patients of nurses, whose lives have been affected in the positive ways and mirror what the nurses are explaining to be the best aspects of their jobs. So while I appreciate all that nurses do and the opportunity to learn more about the various roles they assume, I didn’t feel this film was meant for someone outside their world.

Presented in standard def 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen with Dolby 2.0 Stereo, First Run doesn’t offer up any bells and whistles, not that any are needed. Bonus features include a couple of extra interviews which were cut because of technical concerns (an overblown mic feed or overlapping audio) and nothing else.

I wanted to connect with Nurses: If Florence Could See Us Now more than I did. While I appreciate their perspective, I wanted an audience surrogate to help me form an emotional attachment to these people and their stories.


Guilty of being more insular than I would have liked.

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