Mythica: A Quest for Heroes (DVD)

A Quest for Heroes which plays out in The Hero’s Journey.

Mythica: A Quest for Heroes is the story of Marek (Melanie Stone, Christmas for a Dollar), a slave with a club foot who secretly takes lessons from the wizard Gojun (Kevin Sorbo, Kull the Conqueror) in the hopes of one day learning how to heal herself. After she runs away, she meets Teela (Nicola Posener, Life Bites), a beautiful priestess whose sister has been captured by a band of orcs. Teela is desperate to get her sister back and together she and Marek recruit swordsman Thane (Adam Johnson, Dragon Hunter) as well as Dagen (Jake Stormoen, War Pigs), a half-elf thief, to aid them on their quest.

There are three things you need to know which are going to influence whether or not you watch this, let alone make a purchase. Number one is that this is billed as a film starring Kevin Sorbo. Spoilers ahead but he is in one scene. If you were hoping to see a fantasy film with him as the lead character you’re going to have to go somewhere else. The second thing is that you’ve seen this story done before and done better during The Lord of the Rings trilogy. And speaking of trilogies the last item you need to understand is that as of this writing Mythica: A Quest for Heroes is the first in a five-movie series. Originally conceived and shot as a trilogy it has now expanded though not all films are yet available.

I mentioned The Lord of the Rings trilogy and really you’re going to see a lot of beats from not only that but other fantasy films which mirror “The Hero’s Journey” as well. But you should know that you are potentially committing yourself to hours upon hours of viewing, a fact yours truly did not know when making the decision to ask if I could review Mythica: A Quest for Heroes. So what works and what didn’t? Though we have some newer actors among the group I have to say the acting transcends the inevitability of the storyline. Not to say I have an issue with the storyline because I am on record as loving The Lord of the Rings trilogy as well as sword-and-sorcery movies — it’s just I don’t feel enough unique elements appear which make this interpretation of that story stand out for me.

Another disappointment is the lack of Kevin Sorbo. From the cover art as well as from all other accounts this is supposed to be a movie starring Kevin Sorbo and it’s a real shame he’s not in it more because he is by far the best actor employed in it. But more than that disappointment is the fact his character has the most potential of any shown. However one of the biggest things the movie has going for it are the visual effects which were aided by a Kickstarter campaign. As I said before Mythica: A Quest for Heroes was conceived and shot as a trilogy of movies but as they were editing this first one the decision was made to try to amp up the special effects and thus a Kickstarter campaign was created to help fund those upgrades. The success of that campaign definitely translates on screen as the effects are elevated from a typical low budget B-movie. The action is well choreographed and the locations are quite lovely to look at. Though Mythica: A Quest for Heroes had a much lower budget than any of The Lord of the Rings movies it does well with what it has. Though I didn’t fall in love with it, that doesn’t mean it’s not a good example of a fantasy movie.

Now let’s move on to a discussion of the technical specifications. The audio is what stands out in terms of it doesn’t stand out. There are no issues with the Dolby Digital 5.1 track. There are some music choices which you might not expect but everything sounds well balanced. A little less well balanced is the visual side of the equation. Though I do offer praise for the visual effects there are some camera choices which are not immensely successful for me. One is the decision to shoot day for night for some scenes which leads to a bit of an artificial feeling and the other is the choice to do some shaky cam which I never feel as though comes across as organic as intended. However the colors and the levels of the 1.78:1 transfer are well handled without any digital noise, blurriness or other distractions. It’s just some choices which I don’t find successful.

In terms of special features we have a behind the scenes featurette as well as a trailer for the film not to mention a music video.


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