Maz Jobrani: I Come in Peace (DVD)

“I have to dance. I kill you later.”

Maz Jobrani (13 Going on 30) is an Iranian performer who takes the stage for a one-man standup show in I Come in Peace. Though Jobrani tackles sensitive issues such as racism and political unrest during his time he displays not only a genuine warmth and affability but also the perfect level of self-deprecation. It is in no small part due to his force of personality that this is such a successful set. Some of the topics Jobrani touches upon include Egypt, the hunt for bin Laden and the Middle Eastern love of dance. Jobrani’s infectious smile allows those viewing to acknowledge the seriousness of the state of the world while feeling secure in taking time to acknowledge some of the more absurd aspects of that world as well as our relationships to each other.

It’s easy to recommend I Come in Peace. Jobrani’s friendliness and willingness to expose his own life puts the viewer at ease and allows the comedian to tackle all-too-sensitive subject matter. His humor is not mean-spirited but rather designed to showcase the similarities we humans share which results in a nice inclusive feeling.

The video transfer is a 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen common to virtually all currently filming shows. It betrays a bit of compression artifacting and the blue stage lights tend to overpower the palette time at times. The audio track is a simple Dolby Digital 2.0, but as there is only Jobrani’s voice and the audience’s laughter to deal with, this simple track is more than equipped to handle its load.

The lone special feature is a short featurette during which Maz attempts to educate the racist in his neighborhood.

It’s rare I find myself revisiting stand-up specials but I can see putting on Maz Jobrani: I Come in Peace again.


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