The Good Witch’s Gift (DVD)

Magic happens.

The Good Witch’s Gift demonstrates the third time is indeed a charm, as the latest addition to the Catherine Bell franchise weaves its spell.

The Good Witch’s Gift is the third in the long-running The Good Witch series. This time around we tackle the holiday season and the themes of family and forgiveness. As before we return to Middleton and the lives of Cassandra “Cassie” Nightingale (Catherine Bell, Army Wives) and Chief of Police Jake Russell (Chris Potter, Heartland). Newly engaged Cassie and Jake are struggling to find the perfect day for their wedding. Soon the answer presents itself…Christmas Eve. Too bad that’s only six days away, meaning it’s crunch time in order to pull everything together. They’ll need not only their whole family but the entire town of Middleton to help them.

Of course things are never that easy and the biggest complication comes in the form of Leon Deeks (James McGowan, Bitten), the convicted bank robber who’s newly paroled and back in town to see his estranged family. Being a small town it’s no surprise when his daughter Jodi (Jordan Todosey, Degrassi: The Next Generation) turns out to be the new love interest of Brandon (Matthew Knight, My Babysitter’s a Vampire), Jake’s son.

As if that wasn’t enough to juggle Lori, (Hannah Endicott-Douglas, The Good Witch) Jake’s daughter, finds herself in a bind when she loses the wedding ring Cassie has entrusted to her care. Yet another complication arises when George (Peter MacNeill, A History of Violence), Jake’s father-in-law, decides his grandchildren don’t really need him anymore and he should go ahead and move out of the country. Meanwhile Jake is worried about starting a new family with Cassie, wondering if they have everything they need and if it’s the right time. But that’s not all. Town busybody and thorn in everyone’s side Martha (Catherine Disher, The Good Witch) has received word that her purse strings are going to be tighter than ever and (gasp!) she needs a job. She quickly decides taking over Cassie’s wedding is the perfect thing to showcase her superb people skills.

It’ll take more than mere magic to see this wedding off without a hitch. It’ll take a miracle.

As in the previous films the greatest strength of The Good Witch’s Gift is handing each character their own through line, no matter how simple it may be. Allowing each character to truly have their own arc, as opposed to merely supporting the main characters of Jake and Cassie, elevates the story and allows a deeper sense of connection. By this time, the third movie, all of these actors are firmly entrenched in their characters, another plus. By having the same actors returning to these roles time and again, there’s an additional layer of comfort and believability, truly binding these people and their roles to the mythical world of Middleton. The Good Witch’s Gift is another spell-binding addition to franchise.

The technical specs aren’t magical, though they’re hardly called to be. The video is a 1.78:1 anamorphic transfer which does a good job of holding the black levels in outdoor shots and not blowing out the white levels in the interiors. The audio is a simple Dolby 2.0 Stereo, which I would like to see upgraded since the holiday season tends to produce soundtracks deserving of a richer experience. There are no special features.

I’ve enjoyed The Good Witch movies and The Good Witch’s Gift hasn’t broken the spell. I appreciate that each character gets a journey and Catherine Bell’s portrayal of Cassie continues to win me over.


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