“It seemed to be a silly creature’s moss pack.”

2013 is the Year of The Fraggle, at least according to the Jim Henson Company. Back in 1983 the latest creation out of the Henson workshop debuted. A bit more eco-aware, and far less about interacting with humans than their predecessors The Muppets and the folks on Sesame Street, the Fraggles lasted four seasons. The main Fraggles were: Gobo (Jerry Nelson, The Muppet Movie), Red (Karen Prell, Labyrinth), Wembley (Steve Whitmire, The Muppets), Mokey (Kathryn Mullen, The Dark Crystal), and Boober (Dave Goelz, The Great Muppet Caper).

Now that the 30th anniversary of their debut is upon us, Fraggle Rock: Meet the Fraggles is one of the videos being released. The problem is there are a lot of videos being released, not just in 2013 but all streeting the same day. Each season is getting another separate release, not to mention the Fraggle Rock: 30th Anniversary Collection which boasts the entire series plus extras.

The episodes include…

* “Beginnings” (Season One, Episode One)
* “We Love You Wembley” (Season One, Episode Thirteen)
* “Boober’s Dream” (Season Two, Episode Six)
* “Red’s Club” (Season Two, Episode Thirteen)
* “Mokey and the Minstrels” (Season Two, Episode Seven)
* “Gobo’s Discovery” (Season One, Episode Twenty-One)

While the video is not Blu-ray clarity, it’s still better than you’d expect for DVD. The standard def 1.33:1 full screen transfer will take a bit getting used to, as will the dated nature of the series’ special effects. The Dolby 2.0 Stereo track is simple but sufficient for the show. There are no special features.

In all honesty, there’s no reason to invest in this release. If you’re a fan, you already have these episode. If you’re simply curious, I recommend heading to YouTube and watching the Ben Folds’ video “Do It Anyway.”



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