“Nothing in life is to be feared, only understood.” — Marie Curie

Heart disease is the number one killer in America. So a program like Dr. Lori Mosca’s 3 Keys to Heart Health makes sense, considering how many of us will be affected by it.

3 Keys to Heart Health is a PBS television program shown in late 2010. It plays very much like the seminar it was, broken into three sections, and aimed at women yet there are enough facts to inform men as well. It may not be exciting but it is informative, which is what the show is shooting to be. All medical facts which follow are directly from the video.

The first section is “Know Your Heart.” We learn a lot about heart disease risk factors such as race, cholesterol, diabetes, gender, age, smoking status and blood pressure. Those factors can predict with about 90% accuracy how high your risk is.

The next section is “Nurture Your Heart.” Dr. Mosca explains that women tend to put everyone else first and that kind of thinking will not prevent heart disease. There’s no one to take these steps for you. The section ends with Dr. Mosca stating there is no escaping stress but there is coping with it, and that’s what we need to learn.

The final section in Dr. Lori Mosca’s 3 Keys to Heart Health is “Share Your Heart.” Aside from developing healthy, supportive relationships with friends and family we should also consider volunteerism. The discussion then moves to food. Dr. Mosca brings out a colleague, Dr. Heidi Mochari Greenberger, a registered dietician. She discusses some small changes people can make.

Dr. Mosca ends her lecture by reinforcing the three keys (Know, Nurture, Share) and reminding us what numbers we need to know, how important a support system is, some ways in which to share with others, as well as another prompt to take care of yourself before helping others.

The video suffers from its transfer to widescreen. There’s grain throughout, which is admittedly more noticeable in wide and long shots. There’s some pixelating, as well as momentary freezing of the video when there’s a cut to allow for commercials and when the video picks up again after these breaks. They’re gone in a moment but they are noticeable. The audio is simple stereo; for the most part you can hear the speakers over the applause just fine.

Also on the disc are featurettes which expand on the information given during the main lecture, including some deleted audience questions. The most helpful special feature is a pdf file of websites which will help you learn more about heart disease.


3 Keys to Heart Health is information that can literally save your life. Not guilty.

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