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Dora’s Ice Skating Spectacular! is another set of three episodes from uber-popular kids’ show Dora the Explorer. And continuing with the recent trend, the disc is named for the first of the three episodes, which are:

“Dora’s Ice Skating Spectacular!”
When Dora hears an Ice Witch (Hilary Duff) has stolen everyone’s skates, she tries to win them back in a skating competition.

“Catch that Shape Train!”
Dora (Caitlin Sanchez) and Boots (Koda Gursoy) have to help get their circle friend back to his shape train before it derails.

“Dora and Perrito to the Rescue”
Dora (Fatima Ptacek) and her puppy Perrito must rescue Boots before he goes over a waterfall.

This disc doesn’t break new ground; in fact, it retreads heavily on an already well-worn path. Dora always saves the day and the at-home audience always learns the same type of things through the exact same setup. Repetition can be good, don’t get me wrong, but too much of the same thing can also be numbing, and that’s how I categorize Dora’s Ice Skating Spectacular!. However this comes from someone not in the target demographic without someone who absolutely loves Dora at home, so take my opinion with as much salt as you need.

The video transfer is pleasing in terms of color palette as it usually is. The now-familiar tones of Dora’s world are well-saturated and the blues continue to be the most vivid of the hues, followed closely by orange. There’s an improvement in the video quality over previous Dora discs as I failed to notice any digital artifacts. The audio track continues to be a Dolby Digital 2.0 and it’s serviceable but could be better, providing an actual range of sound for the audience.

There are no special features.

Dora’s Ice Skating Spectacular! is more of the same. If you or someone you know loves Dora and won’t mind the paltry amount of video — not to mention a complete lack of special features — then who am I to stop you from purchasing? I just wish there was more value for the money.


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