Craig Shoemaker: Daditude (DVD)

“I need WiiHab.”

Craig Shoemaker (Should’ve Been Romeo) is not my kind of comedian. To be fair, he’s a divorced, recently remarried dad with three boys, so it’s not like I have anything in common with him. Thus the jokes he tells about how ugly his newborn is or how much he hates his ex-wife are not going to be things I can relate to. However what kept me from recommending this disc is the type of jokes he tells. He’s not only completely unconcerned with political correctness, he enjoys making fun of mentally challenged people. I can accept the whole “I hate PC” kind of comedian though they’re not my favorite, but the latter? Nope. That’s just one of those instant turn offs for me and so I checked out of Craig Shoemaker: Daditude pretty quickly.

Watching Craig Shoemaker: Daditude seemed to be hit and miss for the audience too. He starts talking about the airport and going through security and when he mentions shampoos and conditioners everything he’s talking about seems to be building up to a size joke. Instead he makes some off-color remark. And the joke falls flat. He becomes indignant, saying the audience would have laughed if a minority told the joke, and he launches into a Chris Rock impersonation, during which he tells another even more racially insensitive joke and the audience laughs. However the laughter is because it’s quite possibly the world’s worst Chris Rock impression. But the thing is, he does have some pretty good impressions, notably Paul Lynde and Don Knotts. But he keeps going back to the Chris Rock impression and it never gets better.

Speaking of going back, he keeps going back to this 18-year-old girl in the audience and explaining his jokes to her. Over and over and over again. I get that callbacks are funny but he keeps calling out this girl so much it seriously undercuts his jokes. It gets to the point as soon as he starts to talk you know whether he’ll go back over to her.

The highlight is probably when he launchs into something he calls “The Lovemaster” and apparently that’s one of his more well-known bits and gets some of the biggest laughs.

The standard def 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer is keeping in line with any currently broadcasting show, heavy on the black end of the spectrum. The audio is off at times, sounding a bit as though there is a laugh track as opposed to the laughs captured organically in the same space as Shoemaker’s performance.

Special features include outtakes and a behind the scenes photo shoot, and can be safely skipped as they don’t really add to anything.

If you’re already a fan, Craig Shoemaker: Daditude will be a welcome addition to your collection. If you don’t have a topic that turns you off, you’ll probably enjoy this too. Just because he’s not my type of funny doesn’t mean he isn’t yours.


Guilty of being not my kind of comedian.

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