“Hold your woo horses…”

The Nerdist and perennial television host Chris Hardwick has long been a fixture on the comedy scene. Many will recognize him from his stint on Attack of the Show or as one half of the comedy duo Hard ‘n Phirm. Yet Chris Hardwick: Mandroid is the comedian’s first solo Comedy Central special. It’s a journey more than worth the time it took to get here.

But first a warning. Don’t be fooled by the NR rating. This set is for mature audiences only. It’s completely uncensored in every way. There will more than likely be something which either offends you or skirts the boundaries of what you’re comfortable with. Thankfully it’s also something that isn’t restricted to one type of person or ethnicity, or else the set would feel mean-spirited, which it really isn’t.

Hardwick excels at combining the arts of observational humor with anecdotal storytelling. One gets the feeling he would keep talking regardless of whether or not the audience took breaks to applaud. And watching this it’s easy to see why…I was far too busy laughing to be bothered with remembering anything else.

The product of a self-confessed out and proud nerd, Chris Hardwick: Mandroid takes the viewer on a journey rife with references all the truly geekish will appreciate. From Harry Potter to Comic-Con to Star Trek, Hardwick’s unabashed love makes his observations all the more effective. It’s the hardest I’ve laughed in recent memory and is definitely in the top three stand-up specials I’ve seen. Like with all stand up specials, it boils down to a simple “Watch This” or “Pass”, and it’s easy to say “Watch This.”

And watching it is easy with the clean video. Hardwick’s “shiny suit” is shown to its best effect in this presentation, which boasts rich blacks and deep blues. The audio is equally effective and crisp, holding its own though it lacks the depth you’d find with a 5.1 track. But honestly Dolby 2.0 is all you need for a stand-up special.

The special features are truly a delight, with two songs from the aforementioned Hard ‘n Phirm and a “Totally Hidden Easter Egg” which is anything but. All three are hilarious and welcome additions.

I loved Chris Hardwick: Mandroid and it’s easy to recommend a purchase. This is one set I can see myself watching again, which is about the highest praise one can give to a stand-up special.


Not guilty.

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