The Curtis Bush Interview

Psycho Kickboxer is a gift to the world. There are few films that will bring as much joy to your soul as this, with maybe the exception of the raw video footage of your firstborn plowing through your wife’s birth canal. Curtis Bush, world champion kickboxer, decided to take a foray into the movie-making, seeing the wealth and fame that Kurt Thomas secured thanks to his turn in Gymkata (I’m assuming). The result: the most earnest–and hapless–attempt at action filmmaking you’ll ever see. You can read the Vedict review here. Rewind four and a half years ago, and Dan Mancini and I, through the magic of random LinkedIn messaging, got Mr. Bush on the horn–and the results were as intoxicating as we expected. Listen now!  

Podcast: The 2015 Busters

These are my awards, mother.

Podcast: The Friday Filibuster 12/21/2014

Dave, Erich, and Daryl jump into their time machine for a look at what 2014’s Black Friday might hold for us all.

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