“It was so cold I think my tail’s turned blue!”

Britt Allcroft’s Magic Adventures of Mumfie: Mumfie’s White Christmas (say that three times fast!) consists of one double-length episode from the animated series based on Katharine Tozer’s books. They feature a little English elephant named Mumfie who lives with his friends in the woods and goes on adventures.

“Mumfie’s White Christmas”
With all the voices provided by Patrick Breen this special episode finds Mumfie promising Scarecrow and Pinkey the pig they will have a white Christmas. However keeping that promise means traveling to the cave of the North Wind, who is the only one who can guarantee a white Christmas. On the way to the cave Mumfie meets up with Black Cat and makes a new friend in the form of UR, one of Santa’s reindeer.

This disc is a quieter offering, perfect for cozying up with a little one and watching together. Gentle music and even more gentle lessons about friendship are featured and the series is a throwback to a bygone era of animation.

Mumfie’s White Christmas has a lovely hand-drawn aesthetic. The palette leans towards the cooler end with a more natural type of saturation. Those looking for the flash and hyper-saturation of the current CGI trend will be disappointed here as this harkens back to animation like that seen in The Snowman, another beloved book-turned-animated special. The audio track is Dolby Digital 2.0 and handles the quiet dialogue and soft music well, without a need for turning up the volume to a ridiculous level in order to make things clear.

The special features are three episodes of the series, each lasting about 10 minutes.

“Bristle’s Holiday”
Bristle is sent by the queen on a holiday in order to learn how to have fun. He travels to visit Mumfie and Scarecrow and they do their best to teach him the best ways.

“Reindeers Keep Dropping on My Head”
Featuring UR, the reindeer from “Mumfie’s White Christmas,” the sassy reindeer seeks help learning a new job.

“Pinkey’s First Winter”
Stars the young piglet on the eve of her first winter. When she travels to visit Mumfie and Scarecrow and sees snowmen of her friends she wrongly believes her friends are frozen solid. She sets about trying to warm them up only to get herself sick in the process.

If you are a fan of the Mumfie books, you’re likely going to go ahead and purchase. Parents looking for a new set of winter-themed cartoons would do well to check this disc out.


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