Bridget Jones’s Baby (Blu-ray)

Bridget Jones’s Baby (Blu-ray)


Renee Zellweger (Cold Mountain) returns to the character that made her a icon in the Realm of Everlasting Chick Flicks. In this third installment in the Bridget Jones franchise, Bridget encounters that most reliable of romcom conceits: the ticking biological clock. When we first meet Bridget, she’s 43, single and as klutzy and frumpy as always. Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) is married to another woman and that “other guy” is presumed dead.

With all of BJ’s friends and family applying baby pressure, Bridget throws up her hands, decides to bang some random billionaire (Patrick Dempsey), then bangs Mark when he confesses an upcoming divorce and before you know it: baby bump.

What ensues is the standard-issue comedy of errors that we’ve come to expect from these movies, as well as the old stand-by–a couple of good-looking, presumably smart men fighting like eight-year-olds over Bridget Jones.

But what do I know? I enjoyed the first film a good deal and passed on the second, so maybe I’m not the intended audience. As such, I decided to bring in our resident Bridget Jones expert: my wife, Carey.

So, what did you think of Bridget Jones’s Baby?

It was entertaining enough, though relatively predictable. It doesn’t relate to the third book in any way. Of course the third book wasn’t that great anyway. 

Now, it did follow the standard elements of the first one, which is what people like. Jokes about her exercising, her diet, being single. Renee Zellweger was fine. She’s obviously used to the role and it showed.

I guess, it just felt like a regular old romcom. Since so many have been so bad in the last ten years, this rises to the top because the rest of the field was so horrible. But, really, that’s not saying much. That being said, it was definitely better than the second film.

How was Patrick Dempsey?

He was good. Not as good as Hugh Grant. But he was fine.

How about Colin Firth?

Standard Darcy work from him. He was still uptight, but heartfelt and when he chooses to let his guard down.

How would you rank the Bridget Jones movies?

1-3-2.  The second once was terrible. It sort of followed the second book, but the ending was completely different. I don’t even remember loving the second book that much, but the film was was rough. One is the best by far.

Is this the end of the Bridget Jones saga for you?

I ‘d read another book if it came out and watch another movie if it came out, but the first movie and book were so funny, they all just can’t match up.


Not Guilty–but just another romcom.

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Bridget Jones’s Baby (Blu-ray)
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