Blaze and the Monster Machines: Race into Velocityville (DVD)

Blaze up, bro

Here we have another batch of episodes from Nick Jr.’s high-octane kids show. Blaze and the Monster Machines relays the adventures of a talking, living monster truck named Blaze who has a kid named AJ riding shotgun wherever he goes, which, to be honest seems a little weird.

Anyway–who am I to argue with physics? Especially since Blaze is all abut introducing early concepts of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) to the kiddos. So, hey, they’d know a lot more about the science behind the unholy union between man and machine.

So this DVD has six episodes:

Not much  more to say, really. You get six random episodes, generally held together by the common thread of these machines going incredibly fast.

As a dad, I have much respect for Blaze. My preschool-aged son is absolutely bonkers for all things monster truck and this show serves it up with aplomb. Add to that the the educational element–which, honestly, is not simply tacked on to help the Nick Jr. suits sleep at night; the STEM stuff is legit and a core of the program–and you’ve got a children’s show any parent would be good with.

Not Guilty. Vrooom.


Tech Specs

Blaze and the Monster Machines: Race into Velocityville (DVD)
2016, Nickelodeon, 132 minutes (2016)
VIDEO: 1.78:1 AUDIO:  Dolby Digital (English) SUBTITLES: English SDH

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