Alice Nelson

Alice is a stay-at-home wife and mother on the brink of insanity as she and her husband raise a brood of 3 overly emotional girls on a modicum amount of sleep, and even less peace and quiet. Having spent most of her life in the now bankrupt state of California, she and her husband moved to a place where the cotton's high and the livin' is easy, where a simpler way of life is king. With chickens to feed and projects to complete on property that has been in her husband's family for over 50 years. On top of that Alice cohosts a podcast called A Creative Mind where she narrates her flash fiction stories, as well as writing flash fiction stories for a literary journal called Short Fiction Break. Alice enjoys the little down time she manages to eke out each day to write and unwind. "Bad TV and awful movies make me mad," she said, and once you read her reviews you'll see exactly what she means by that.


Cold Fish (DVD)

If anyone you know suggests you see this movie, break off all contact with them immediately.


Jumping the Broom (DVD)

Definition: a quickie wedding that doesn’t involve daddy sportin’ a shotgun as a means of influence.


The Death of Andy Kaufman (DVD)

What if someone thought you faked your own death and made a really lousy documentary about it? You might wanna remain fake dead.


America’s Test Kitchen: Season 11 (DVD)

If Bill Nye and Martha Stewart got together to create the ultimate cooking show, their work would’ve resulted in the birth of America’s Test Kitchen.


Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (DVD)

This movie was lame, but I asked for it.


The Best Of I Love Lucy (DVD)

Lucy: “Give me one good reason Ricky why I can’t be in the show.” Ricky: “Because you have no talent.” Lucy: “Give me another good reason.”


He (DVD)

He grunts, He growls, He slurps when He drinks, and He hums in his sleep; I’d want to kill him too.


The Alley (DVD)

If you were to die an unfortunate death in an alley somewhere, it would be far less painful than sitting through this movie.

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