Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Volume 3 (DVD)

Can’t wait for the return of Eye Guy.

Alien: “Blasphemer! Don’t you realize that by destroying the altar, you have awakened the Sentinels?”
Ben: “I’ve who’d the what now?”

It’s a day that ends with “y,” so that means it’s time for another Ben 10 DVD release. After all this time, and an entire library of discs on shelves, can the Ben 10 creators bring anything new to the table? Can they keep the show fresh and exciting now that it can be considered “long-running?” That’s a yes—a big yes.

Sixteen-year-old Ben Tennyson, (Yuri Lowenthal, Naruto) wields the Ultimatrix, a device that allows him to transform into a whole lot more than ten super-powered aliens. With his energy-manipulating cousin Gwen (Ashley Johnson, Phenom) and his metal-absorbing pal Kevin (Greg Cipes, Teen Titans), Ben fights to keep the Earth safe from alien invaders and other threats.

Will Harangue disapproves of this episode list:

• “The Transmogrification of Eunice”
While on a camping trip, Ben, Gwen, and Kevin come across a beautiful girl inside a crashed spaceship. Ben and the girl, Eunice (Molly Quinn, Castle) hit it off, while Kevin and Gwen fear who or what this girl really is.

• “The Eye of the Beholder”
Ship, the pet alien owned by Ben’s ex-girlfriend Julie, leaves for space, in search of its former owner. Julie asks Ben and friends for help, and Ben wonders if this could be a chance to rekindle their romance.

• “The Big Story”
Jimmy, a blogger and Ben’s biggest fan, investigates alien activity outside of town. When Ben gets involved, he starts acting strangely, and now Jimmy is on his own.

• “Viktor: The Spoils”
Dr. Viktor, an old enemy, has resurfaced in an Eastern European country on the verge of civil war. Ben and company get involved, finding themselves in the middle of international intrigue, mind-controlled soldiers, and one of the baddest bad guys they’ve ever faced.

• “Girl Trouble”
Gwen’s free-spirited cousin Summer moves in with her, joining her and Ben on their adventures. She’s trouble, but Gwen is shocked to learn just how much trouble she can cause.

• “Revenge of the Swarm”
The thought-dead alien swarm returns, and with it returns Ben’s old crush Elena, last seen in the live-action Ben 10: Alien Swarm. Ben is excited to see her again, but the others fear whose side she’s on.

• “Ben 10,000 Returns”
The Ben of the distant future arrives in the present for more time travel fun. Not far behind him is the sinister Eon, the time-traveling baddie from the live-action Ben 10: Race Against Time.

• “The Creature from Beyond”
Side villains the Forever Knights are hunting a deadly alien, and Ben and friends are after it too. Now, the two groups of enemies do the “uneasy alliance” thing to stop the monster.

• “Basic Training”
Ben, Gwen and Kevin are shipped off to space, to attend the Plumber’s Academy, to complete basic training. There, they learn hard lessons about following orders, working as a team, etc.

• “It’s Not Easy Being Gwen”
Gwen has a huge French test she’s studying for, her mom wants her to fill out invitations for a reunion, she’s starting a new project with Kevin, she has her regular karate lessons to go to, and she’s promised to attend a friend’s piano concert. Plus, the evil Dr. Animo is on the loose with a plot to conquer the world. What’s an overachieving teen girl to do?

Chronology time: This “Volume Three” is the first half of the second season of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien, which was preceded by four seasons of the original Ben 10 and three seasons spread out across nine DVDs of Ben 10 Alien Force.

What’s interesting about this batch of episodes is how they’re all stand-alone, with no ongoing arc continuing from episode one to the next. This makes sense. Last season, the entire universe was in danger. Our heroes traveled beyond the boundaries of time and space to commune with CelestialSapiens, and then they had to battle one another, their best friends, as bitter enemies. After all that high drama, this season means it’s time to have a little fun again. The easy way out for the writers would be to keep trying to top themselves with ever-increasing stakes. Instead, they’ve gone the opposite route, with a series of character-based and more grounded (relatively speaking) episodes.

Instead of the fate of the world being in jeopardy, the crisis faced by our heroes this season comes from matters of the heart. Ben and his girlfriend Julie are on the outs, and while this causes strife between them, it also opens up the possibilities for new romance, first with Eunice, then with Elena. Interacting with new and/or returning characters gives us a chance to see Ben in a new light. Even better, though, is how much character development is given to Gwen in these episodes. Throughout the entire series, Gwen has always been the serious one in the ensemble, but this time around we get an exploration as to why she’s the serious one, and why she’s so compelled to always do what’s right.

“It’s Not Easy Being Gwen” is not just the standout episode on this set, but one of the best episodes the series has ever done. Like fan-favorites “The Zeppo” from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and “Data’s Day” from Star Trek: The Next Generation, the episode breaks from established formula, showing a typical Ben 10 tale from the outside looking in. The episode culminates in one of the finest pieces of animation the show has ever created. The fight against Dr. Animo is cut together with footage of Gwen’s friend’s piano concert, with the piano music providing the only sound for the battle, and the resulting duality will your breath away.

That’s one of many great moments throughout, though others are more subtle. There’s a scene in which Elena argues that the alien swarm can be used to do good, and not just be a weapon. Kevin listens to this with a smile on his face, agreeing with her, and then frowns, before reminding her how dangerous the swarm is. It’s a marvelous piece of animation acting, told more through the character’s facial expression than the dialogue. Subtlety is good, but do not forget the bread and butter of this series—aliens kicking each others’ butts. There’s plenty of that here as well, and the action scenes continue to be exciting and cleverly staged.

You might think that stand-alone episodes are a good chance for those who’ve never seen the show to join the fun. Numerous callbacks to previous entries in the franchise, though, will likely confuse the newbies. The packaging proudly proclaims that this is, “The Return of Heatblast.” I have a couple of problems with that. First, all of Ben’s original aliens were unlocked at the end of the Highbreed arc in Ben 10 Alien Force, so Heatblast has been back for a while now. Second, Heatblast is only onscreen for about a minute, at most. Third, Heatblast appears in the episode in which Dr. Viktor returns, and his comeback is a much bigger deal. On a more positive note, aliens and supporting characters from the two live action Ben 10 movies make their animated debuts without missing a beat, and this was a lot of fun to see.

The whole “Ben is famous now” thing continues to be a misstep on the parts of the creators—a hole they just can’t dig themselves out of. There are a handful of times we see Ben being pursued by reporters and fans, and this has driven Ben and Julie apart. The rest of the time, though, Ben’s fame is a non-issue, such as when Summer doesn’t know who he is when she meets him, and Elena doesn’t react to it either.

A little bit of Ben’s young fan Jimmy goes a long way, and an entire episode devoted to him is pushing it. Does this show really need a precocious kid Wesley Crusher-ing up the place? The thing is, Jimmy could be a fun character if written a little more sharply. Or just bring back Cooper from the Alien Force instead. Cooper already fills the “hapless geek” role, and is a lot more likable than Jimmy.

Picture and audio continue to be solid, with bright, vivid colors, and broad, booming sound. The “Alien Database” feature of past DVDs is replaced with a similar “Blast From the Past” bonus feature, on screen text that can help you get caught up on some of the returning characters.


A stellar batch of episodes from a great show. Come for the aliens and laser beams, stay for the rich character development.

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The return of…not guilty.

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