Danny Phantom: Season 2, Volume 2 (DVD)

“There’s a box ghost. Obviously, all the good haunts have been taken.”

Danny Phantom blasts onto DVD on this season two, volume two set. Goofball laughs and ghost-fighting action combine in a surprisingly pleasant mix.

After messing with one of his mad scientist parents’ devices, Danny Fenton (David Kaufman, Superman: The Animated Series) is now half-human, half-ghost. Since then, ghosts have a habit of escaping from the “Ghost Zone” and running amok on Earth. It’s up to Danny to stop them, with help from his friends, goth girl Sam (Grey Delisle, Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated), gadget-loving wannabe ladies man Tucker (Rickey D’Shon Collins, Recess), and overachieving older sister Jazz (Colleen O’Shaughnessey, Bleach).

What can I say about Danny Phantom that I didn’t say when I reviewed the earlier releases? First, know that this cartoon is very much a superhero comedy, but not one that’s a superhero spoof. The tights n’ flights action is played out fairly straightforward, with the sitcom-style laughs coming from the characters and their interactions with one another, which is something a little refreshing for both the comedy and superhero genres.

Additionally, although the show’s primary goal is to make you laugh, the characters are allowed to grow and develop over time. Several episodes on this set put an emphasis on Danny and his sister Jazz, as she gradually becomes one of “the gang,” helping Danny fight ghosts, but in her own way. The show’s mythology is also allowed to grow, with getting to know recurring villains better, and by adding more new powers to Danny’s supernatural arsenal.

This set also features two “double episodes” that increase the scope of what the creators can do in a single story. One is a time travel epic, while the other takes our heroes on a cross-country road trip. These episodes allow the animators to come up with new locales and a variety of crazy, one-off monsters for the characters to run into, which was nice to see.

This two-disc set contains twelve episodes, making up the second half of the second season. But, wait—four of these episodes are also on the season two, volume one set. Quality control, people! Picture is good, with bright, vivid colors, and the sound is clean and clear. No extras.

For a lighter, breezier take on the whole superhero thing, there’s no going ghost, er, I mean, no going wrong with Danny Phantom.

The Verdict

Not guilty. Now who wants to go to Nasty Burger?

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