Will Penny (DVD)

“I’m damn near fifty years old. What am I good for?”

Tombstone: Vista Series (DVD)

“I don’t think I’ll let you arrest me today.”

The Unforgiven (DVD)

“I am the sword of God — the fire and the vengeance whereby the wrong shall be righted and the truth be told.”

The Undefeated (DVD)

“Where to, John Henry?” “West!”

The Spaghetti Western Collection (DVD)

“The Good, the Bad and the Violent.”

The Gambler Returns / The Gambler V (DVD)

“There’ll be time enough for countin’, when the dealin’s done.”

The Lone Ranger Classic Western Double-Feature (DVD)

“Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear…”

The Big Trail (DVD)

“Remember this, the three of you, I’m not your friend!”

Rio Grande: Collector’s Edition (DVD)

“You’ve chosen my way of life. I hope you have the guts to endure it. But put out of your mind any romantic ideas that it’s a way of glory. It’s a life of suffering and of hardship, and uncompromising devotion to your oath and your duty.”

Rio Bravo (DVD)

“You can do just about what you want, Chance”

Mackenna’s Gold (DVD)

“…I’ll take you there, but…there’s no gold”

Love Me Tender / Flaming Star / Wild in the Country (DVD)

At last, Elvis films worth seeing — for the most part!

John Wayne: The Duke (DVD)

“Why that’s Singin’ Sandy…the most notorious gunman since Billy the Kid.”

Hombre (1967) (DVD)

“Let me have my horse back so I can get out of here before dark.” “What’s the matter? You afraid of it?” “Hell, I don’t like what I see in the daylight around here.”

Four of the Apocalypse (DVD)

“If a man’s gonna be lucky, ain’t no words gonna change it.”

Four Faces West (DVD)

…”He passed this way.”

Cattle Queen of Montana (DVD)

“More settlers are moving into the valley. Get rid of them!”

Cat Ballou (DVD)

A legend built on a drunken horse and rider leaning against a wall.

Bells of Coronado (DVD)

“I’ll take the job provided I can do it my way.”

A Bullet for the General (DVD)

“Don’t buy bread; buy dynamite!”

Cinderella (2012) (DVD)

“Once upon a time…In the West!”

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