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Crimes Of Passion (Blu-ray)

A cold shower.


Humpback Whales 4K Ultra 3D (Blu-ray)

The majestic kings of the sea.


Miss Sadie Thompson 3D (Blu-ray)

One woman’s war to be respected!


Blindspot: Complete First Season (Blu-ray)

Everyone has a blind spot. What’s yours?


Jack Irish: Season 1 (DVD)

Outback Irish.


The Witch (Blu-ray)

Evil takes many forms


The Black Stallion Returns (Blu-ray)

The legend continues…


A Hologram for the King (Blu-ray)

Sometimes you have to go halfway around the world to find yourself.


Zelig (Blu-ray)

Who are you?


The Russia House (Blu-ray)

All that Soviet jazz


Woman in the Dunes (Blu-ray) Criterion Collection

The most provocative picture ever made.


Midnight Run (Blu-ray)

They don’t belong together.


In the Deep (DVD)

No help above, no hope below.


Chimes at Midnight (Blu-ray) Criterion Collection

“There are not three good men in England, and one of them is fat and grows old.”

DVD Verdict is changing its format and publication

As you can see, we’re in the midst of some major changes here at DVD Verdict. The most obvious change to this updated version of DVD Verdict is the format. After years of dealing with site code that h...


Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words (Blu-ray) Criterion

A legendary actress tells her own story.


The Immortal Story (Blu-ray) Criterion Collection

“I have heard it before… long ago… but where?”


A Taste of Honey (Blu-ray) Criterion Collection

“You need somebody to love you while you’re looking for somebody to love.”


Doctor Butcher M.D. (Blu-ray)

He is a depraved, sadistic rapist; a bloodthirsty homicidal killer…and he makes house calls!


Session 9 (Blu-ray)

Where do you live, Simon?


  1. I love the new look of the website.

    • Thanks, Ulysses. It’s a work in progress 🙂

  2. Will your full archive of reviews be published again? You guys have been one of my go-to sites for film and DVD criticism, and I don’t want to lose the selection!

    • Thanks, Brian! No need to worry. It’ll likely take us another 4-6 weeks to convert everything over to the new format.

  3. Your site is one of THE ones that I make sure to check when I want to know about films. However, NONE of your links on IMDB work now, NONE. I guess with a new site that would be understandable, but it sure is a nuisance when EVERY damn time I get a ‘no page error’ Grrrrrr….

    So, then I come here and have to figure out how to search, but I guess like you stated in the last response above, it will likely take time to include all of your reviews here.

    Thanks though for the excellent reviews; they really are a great help and all of your people are very good and entertaining at it!

    • Oh, believe me, we’re well aware of the broken links and are working to fix them. What you will find is that everything new being posted to the home page does have working IMDb links, so we’re making progress. Changing 30,000 is a painstaking process.

  4. 30,000…??!!! HOLY SMOKES!!! : )

  5. First impressions? The mighty DVD Verdict now looks worryingly like any of the thousands of movie blogs out there. Still, In Stailey We Trust and all that. Even if the “Judicial System” format is being retired, I really hope the general effort isn’t. I loved the long, wordy reviews available to me on this site and those are fast becoming a rarity out there. Saying simply “the sexual tension between me and the theater exit door during this” might make for a clever capsule review of Suicide Squad and draw 1800 “likes” on Letterboxd, but it doesn’t snap my radish. As long as the obvious love (or fervent hatred) of the movies still comes through, I’ll learn to love the aesthetic.

    • Thanks. The new site is work in progress that will grow and change over time. And trust me when I say we won’t abandon our uniqueness or commitment to film criticism for SEO optimization. That’s just not who we are. The goal here was to abandon outdated tech and bring our content up to current web publishing standards for all devices. What we didn’t realize is just how daunting a task that would be. It’s going to take time and sweat, but we’ll get there.

      • I must also passionately agree with the last poster above. DVDverdict is one of the *** VERY *** few sites that I ALWAYS make absolutely sure to check for reviews of films that I am interested in seeing. There are even a few reviewers here that I favour over the others.

        I too VERY much hope that you will NOT in ANY way abandon the quality and detail that you have had so far that is most helpful and quite superiour to most out there.


        • Thanks! Our quality will definitely not be sacrificed. We care too much to write any other way.


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